World Health Day

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Global Health Day

7th April is considered and celebrated as a global health day all over the world where awareness regarding the health and many different diseases is spread. This heath day is endorsed by the World Health Organization and has been observed every year by all the members of the organization to celebrate the different achievements made in the field of health and to acknowledge any specific or all the illnesses that are present. To celebrate this day different activities and events are planned on an international, country wise and regional level and the media provides its coverage to demonstrate its support as well. Universal health coverage and primary health care are covered on this day. Media is heavily used for coverage and electronic media especially social media as well as print media is used for this purpose where documentaries and news reports are part of the broadcast the whole day and different pamphlets, reports and readable material is distributed to educate individuals about this day and inspire them to become an active member of this day as well. It was because of the level of awareness being spread and the impact that it was having that led to the idea of observing various health days on different diseases that could be fought if only people came to know more about them.

Themes followed on Health Day

Global Health Day is dedicated to a specific disease annually. This helps in bringing people’s attention towards that specific disease more and they can highlight the statistics and the work that is being done in the area of the particular disease. The symptoms and the causes of the disease are also mentioned along with the different ways to protect one and what can be done in severe situations and as a precautionary measure.

Other Global Health Days

Keeping in view the Global Health Day and the amount of attention that it gets, various diseases required attention and are common in the world even today. It is because of this reason that several other disease-specific days are also celebrated with the sole aim of creating awareness and grabbing people’s attention towards this issue. By doing so, people will become more serious about their health and take better care of themselves. These other health days are World Tuberculosis Day, Malaria Day, No Tobacco Day, AIDS Day, Hepatitis Day and many more.

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7th April is considered and celebrated as a global health day all over the world where awareness regarding the health and many di…

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