Concept of Wellness and Wellbeing of Healthcare Professionals

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O. John Ma, MD

Providing healthcare to patients is one of the most diligent and attentive works to do. Therefore, taking care of the provider’s health affects the ability to serve the patients effectively. The scientific merit of studying wellness of health care providers is now being accepted and much is heard and said about it. This development is not only healthy and fruitful for clinicians but also patients and society as a whole. This could be a perfect finish for public good having professionals engaged effectively with fulfilled personal healthcare. The interrelationship between provider well-being and patient care has a direct influence on population health, patient experience and cost of experience.

O. John Ma, MD

Nurses and doctors work under intense pressure especially physicians of emergency medicine resulting in stress and dissatisfaction. Hence this has become a challenge to overcome the anxious behavior of healthcare workers. Self-care is considered an important component of professionalism and poor self-care result in impairment and other mental ailments. So here are some ways to boost wellness in healthcare professionals

Pay attention to physician burnout:

Many medical students, residents and practicing professionals are emotionally exhausted and sources could be financial pressure, workload and pressure to provide quality healthcare despite the workload. This results in depersonalization and a decreased sense of personal accomplishment. Early intervention and imperative to burnout can enhance their wellbeing.

Introduce innovative interventions:

There is a possible solution to divide their workload by introducing necessary innovative interventions in administrative staff, advanced equipment and through best precautionary measures.

Mindfulness training:

Providing facilitated mindful awareness sessions during a chaotic intensive care unit environment increases resiliency and engagement in work. This creates a direct impact on health care providers especially nurses by coping up with their emotions and achieving high levels of self-care.

Adopt a system-wide approach:

Changes in a leadership position can bring a huge change in the organizational structure and can improve the health and well-being of those in their organization. This can be done by inculcating mental health management within the staff and at the same time revising the policies around health management and introducing new employee system support.

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